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World’s oldest smiley emoji found in Turkey

A team of Turkish and Italian scientists have uncovered what could be the world’s oldest smiley emoji in Turkey, near one of the most important ancient cities of the world, Karkamis, located at the border with Syria.


Professor of Bologna University Dr. Nikolo Marchetti, who is leading the excavation carried out in the Karkamis Antique City near Gaziantep, talked to the Turkish Anadolu Agency about the findings in what was one of the most important cities of the Hittites in anatolia and Mesopotamia in 2.000 BC.

Traces of the Hittite Empire
Professor Dr. Marchetti emphasized that Turkey had been working in the area of the largest architectural excavations and that they generally found, up until last year, remains of the Iron Age-Late Hittite period in Karkamış, but this year had reached the strata belonging to the Hittite Empire.

Marchetti says that they have reached important new facts which could open new pages in world history.

Professor Marchetti said that his team has found various cups and pots in the necropolis area, where the dead are buried or their ashes are kept in cups, pots vases and ornaments, and that one of the most interesting ones was one with a smiley emoji on it. The pitcher on which it was found was used to drink Sherbet from, a sweet drink. “We do not know with which purpose the craftsmen drew this symbol on the pitcher but we call it a smile”, Marchetti said.

The pitcher is believed to be 3.700 years old and could be one of the oldest ones with a smiley emoji on it. The pitcher will be transferred to the Gaziantep Museum of Archeology.

Anadolu Agency / Zuhal Kocalar