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Turkish electronics giant Vestel: they have Black Friday, we have a Blessed Friday

Turkish electronics manufacturer Vestel has come up with an alternative to Black Friday, which is known to Americans as the start of the shopping season after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Vestel offers products at reduced prices but calls the campaign a Blessed Friday, instead of Black Friday, a reference considered holy to muslims around the world.


A pop-up appearing on the frontpage of Vestel’s main website says: “If they have Black Friday, We have Blessed Friday” referring to the day of the week which is considered holy by muslims around the world. Vestel offers consumers price reductions of up to 50% on this particular day and says it will donate a percentage of the revenue to charity.

Turkish electronics giant Vestel consists of 23 companies, of which 7 are in Turkey, specialised in consumer electronics, major appliances and information technology and is the largest tv manufacturer of Europe with a sales volume of €3,5 billion a year. Vestel controls nearly 35% of the entire European market.

The alternative Black Friday promotion of Vestel gains a lot of popularity on social media. Vestel says it will donate 5% of all revenue on Blessed Friday to Tohum Autism’s Charity Funds.