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The undermining of Erdogan-Trump relations has begun

In a recently published article by DailyCaller’s Chuck Ross Trump’s top military adviser Michael Flynn is smeared for his alleged connection to the Turkish government via his lobbyfirm Flynn Intel Group, which was hired by INOVO BV, a company registered in the Netherlands. This image being created is incorrect, says the founder of INOVO BV.


Ross describes the company, as unsubstantiated as he does, ‘an obscure one’ and links the activities of the company to the Turkish government. The founder of the firm, Ekim Alptekin, refutes this claim and calls it baseless. Although Alptekin holds a position on Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (TAIK/DEIK), he denies having professional ties to official Turkish or American governmental institutions or the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

INOVO BV has been operating in various fields since 2005. My company, including INOVO, has no commercial relationship with the official authorities of the United States or the Republic of Turkey. It has been known for many years that i turn my attention to Congress lobbying as someone who has worked in the US House of Representatives many years ago. I have been involved in the Congress for years and support Turkish American civil society initiatives in this framework. The lobbying activities carried out by INOVO are also open to the public in accordance with the related regulations“, Ekim Alptekin tells DutchTurks.

Michael Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who in his own words has been ‘sacked’ after a row with the Obama administration, is being considered to take over the role of Secretary of Defense or National Security Advisor. Flynn wrote an Op-Edge earlier this week for The Hill Newspaper, before the election results were in, in which he points to the geopolitical importance of Turkey. The Op-Edge is considered an effort to hint at a rapprochement between the US and Turkey, whose relations have cooled down significantly since the repelled coup attempt of july 15th in Turkey.

Gülen’s vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network…From Turkey’s point of view, Washington is harboring Turkey’s Osama bin Laden,” Flynn wrote for The Hill, in which he called Gulen a “shady Islamic mullah” and “radical Islamist“. Alptekin, who heard the story from the published article doesn’t think the Op-Edge has something to do with lobbying, but is in line with earlier statements made by Michael Flynn, who has been writing books on radical religious groups in the US for some years now. Another adviser for Trump, Walid Phares, also made a statement before the election results were in and said that the FETÖ-case will be looked at as one of the first things when the Trump administration comes to power, signaling the direction of foreign policy.

Meanwhile Michael Rubin, who has predicted on the neocon website AEI that there will be a second coup attempt in which Erdogan will be killed, criticized Michael Flynn for his Op-Edge saying “He whitewashes recent Turkish behavior, fails the logic test, and proposes a policy prescription that would make matters worse“. Rubin, who nowadays is ostentatiously flirting with the Gülen-network was once a critic of the fugitive cleric and his followers. One might suspect that there is a reason for the sudden change of heart on his part.

It is clear that Gülenists have placed their bets on the wrong horse. The New York ‘imam’ of the Gulen-linked Turkish Cultural Center, Recep Ozkan, gave the largest donation to the Clinton foundation’s ‘political action committe’ or Ready PAC: a figure between $500.001 and $1.000.000 in 2015 in the pre-election period was transferred. The Gülen movement in the US have donated heavily to numerous political campaigns and organised several Cultural trips for politicians from all parties in congress, as revealed by The Daily Caller. Clinton’s campaign allegedly received up to 2 million dollars in donations from Gulenists before it went up in smoke as Trump was elected. As it seems, the revelations of an alleged connection between an adviser to Trump who writes a column about US foreign policy and a Turkish lobbyist has caused more uproar than open endorsements and financial support to a presidential campaign coming from sympathisers of a radical fugitive cleric.