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PKK’s HOAX stories from Afrin: burning buildings, the walking dead & mutilated suicide bombers

After the start of the military operation against the terrorist organization PKK in Afrin, many misleading messages have been shared on social media on which you can allegedly see civilians have been the victim of the operation in Afrin. The ‘official’ PYD Twitterchannel shared images of a building in flames, allegedly burning after an Airstrike by the Turkish Air Force. PYD also shared a picture Turkish soldiers allegedly looting historical artefacts from Afrin. In reality the flat burned in 2016 in Quwait and the Turkish soldiers seen working around a historical artefact are securing the historical find in the Turkish province of Tunceli.


In the last week we have seen a steady increase of fake news originating from pro-PKK sources being poured out onto the world wide web, presumably to influence the public opinion in favour of the PKK’s Syrian wing YPG-PYD. These messages have been shared by dozens of pro-PKK accounts, but are enhanced greatly by a small echo-chamber of known pro-PKK activists and bias journalists and activists like Mutlu Civiroglu, Gissi Simonarson, Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Harald Doornbos, Jenan Moussa and others.

This weeks pickings of PKK-hoaxes:

Hoax 1:
Mutlu Civiroglu, a man known for his online pro-PKK pro-YPG advocacy, has spread a video of a “Kurdish mother grieving for her 9-year old son who died after a Turkish airstrike”. The video was shared greatly, before someone noticed the alleged deceased boy opens his eyes. The story has not yet been verified as a hoax, but if it turns out to be true that the dead can be brought back to life, we also seem to have some sort of medical breakthrough of the century.

Hoax 2:
We know about the ‘official’ PYD Twitter-account sharing a burning building from Quwait as a building from Afrin, but this week they had us fooled once more with Turkish soldiers allegedly looting historical artefacts from Afrin. In the picture you can see Turkish soldiers working around a giant historical vase of some sort with the accompanying text “The Turkish occupation and its extremists steal the effects and property of civilians in Afrin“. The picture in the tweet however is indeed showing Turkish soldiers around an artefact, but the picture was taken in the Turkish district of Tunceli, while Turkish soldiers are securing an archeological find.

Hoax 3:
This hoax takes the cake in gruesomeness and the depth one can go to use a deceased person for propanda purposes. Pro-PKK accounts shared a video of Syrian fighters surrounding a torn-up female PKK-terrorist saying the fighters had mutilated the corpse and cut of the boobs of the woman. The video and pictures has been widely spread, even shared by prominent journalists. If we take a closer look to the footage however, we can see that the woman is indeed deceased and torn up. Apart from someone stepping on the body of the woman and a second man urging not to to that, there is no mutilation of cutting of body parts to be seen. For experts on the matter, it looks like the female rather blew herself up to go to Marxist nirvana. The unofficial mouthpiece of the terrorist organization PKK, ANF, published an article about the matter which it then took offline once the hoax of the cutting of body parts started going viral. In the article ANF claimed that the female on the ground, Barin Kobane, had sacrificed herself and thus blew herself up, explaining the wounds as we can see in the footage. Quoting an official statement from the woman branch of the YPG, the YPJ, the statement said “Our Barin comrade, has resisted until the last moment and then blew herself up amidst Turkish soldiers and their gangs, inflicting great damage to them“. We can say with a high percentage of certainty that Barin Kobani was not mutilated post mortum, but as ANF claims, blew herself up.