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Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook on censorship

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook employees,


We know you are trying to combat “fake news stories”, and can only encourage this, but we would like to give you a signal from the Netherlands that when this is executed incorrectly you will drown out oppositional voices from minorities who are being constantly discriminated against. We would like to ask you to go through this process with care.

Last night we published an article about a documented arrest of an 84-year old Moroccan man in Amsterdam. He was handcuffed and taken into custody because he was riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the street and couldn’t ID himself at the spot (Not necessary by law). As the movie gained traction on social media, the outrage grew exponentially. We also gave the incident attention by writing an article about it. Not in line with what the big press agencies published, but rather from the perspective of the muslim minority. After the outrage the police responded on Facebook by saying that the arrest should not have happened in that way, and the police will make an apology to the man.

Although the article we published contained nothing else than facts, Facebook decided to take it down for unclear reasons. The article got over 600 likes, was shared dozens of times and reached over tens of thousands of people through Facebook.

People express their sometimes downright concerns for freedom of press and freedom of speech in some countries of the world, but what is happening here is active censorship to ban a side of the story from social media. This is not the first time it happened to our website via this social media platform and we fear it might not be the last time either, since we cannot appeal against any kind of decisions you take on what news is being “consumed” here.

We dedicate ourselves to bring nothing more than facts and believe our voices do not deserve to be drowned out from the public debate. Therefore we hope you will reconsider the removal of the post in question that was published at 23.24 local time on tuesday and reinstate other news stories which have been removed previously.

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently, we are looking forward to your response.

With kind regards,