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Morgan Freeman new face of Turkish Airlines

Famous Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is going to be the new face of the succesful global brand Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines (THY) announced it has signed a contract with the world famous actor Morgan Freeman. A videoclip with the 72-year old, who is a pilot himself, will be aired during the Super Bowl final on February 5th and will be viewed by approximately 800 million viewers.


The production of the commercial in which Freeman will appear has started today.

Last year THY ran a similarly succesful Batman vs Superman themed campaign as the first Turkish brand represented on the Super Bowl, and has reached about 35% of the American population. Turkish Airlines, which owns a fleet of 335 airliners, flies to 293 destinations worldwide, of which 9 are in the United States.

Freeman gained a lot of sympathy from within the muslim community with his show ‘The Story of God’ he did for National Geographic Channel. Freeman said in the show the islamic call for prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.