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Kenneth Roth delete your account, you are a liar

Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth, who is known on Twitter for his glorifying tweets about terrorist organization PKK and it’s affiliates, once again got on his HRW-horse and defacated a blatant lie. This time, accusing the Turkish president Erdogan of a bombing the PKK is responsible for.

His latest misstep was sharing a photograph which was taken by Ilyas Akengin in Diyarbakir’s Baglar district with the text “No, it’s not Aleppo. This is what Erdogan’s Turkey has done to the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir (and other towns)”. A blatant lie, since the photo shows a building which was completely destroyed after a terrorist bombing carried out by PKK/TAK. Twelve people died that day and a hundred were left wounded.

Kenneth Roth is not just your average Twitteruser, he is the director of an NGO which claims to stand for Human Rights. Yet, he doesn’t seem to feel uncomfortable with Tweeting a lie to his 190.000 followers. The Diyarbakir bombing was perpretrated by the terorist organization PKK/TAK in which 12 people, including 8 civilians, lost their lifes and left 100 people wounded. No it wasn’t Erdogan, Kenneth Roth, or Turkish Security Forces, it was the PKK/TAK.

You spreading these lies makes a lot of people rightfully doubt your objectivitiy, credibility and intentions. Delete your account Kenneth Roth, you are a liar.