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Galatasaray reaches out to penniless and suicidal former star Emanuel Eboue, considers offering position as coach

Turkish football club Galatasaray considers giving ex-player Emanuel Eboue a helping hand, after he went public with his heartbreaking story about losing all of his accumulated wealth in a divorce suit with his ex-wife Aurelie. The new trainer of Galatasaray, Fatih Terim, has announced that his club is working to create a suitable position for Eboue, Turkish media are reporting.


Emanuel Eboue went public with his story in the Mirror, where he unfolded details about evading bailiffs, hiding from the police, sleeping on the floor of his friend’s house and washing his clothes by hand, because he does not own a washing machine. His ex-wife left the former top player in destitute.

According to Eboue he didn’t do his finances himself while he was making a fortune at Arsenal and Galatasaray, but let his wife do it for him. Eboue earned a fortune in his time with Arsenal, where he played for 7 years and with Galatasaray where he was under contract for 4 years.

“I want God to help me,” Eboue says. “Only God can help me from these thoughts,” Eboue continues, suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Eboue went through a rough patch when his wife Aurelie left him penniless after a bitter divorce suit. He has to hide for the police when a judge orders his Enfield house to be transferred to his ex-wife. He hasn’t seen his three kids since June. He has also been grieving after the cancer death of grandfather Amadou Bertin – who raised him – and the loss of his brother N’Dri Serge, killed in a motorbike accident.

Now there seems to be a glimmer of hope for Eboue, after his former coach at Galatasaray, Fatih Terim, has announced after the match with Goztepe on sunday that Galatasaray is looking at creating a job for Eboue, Turkish media report. He will possibly be assigned to a position as coach of the Galatasary youth teams. Hasan Sas, another former star of Galatasaray, has also indicated that he will help Eboue.

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