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Fact Check Armenia – De Armeense Kwestie uitgelicht

The Ottoman State could not remain indifferent and had to defend itself from the Armenian rebels. First, Hunchak and Dashnak organizations were banned because they were organizing the Armenian rebellions. To do this relocation plans were prepared on May 27, 1915 and the Relocation Law was issued. The aim of Relocation Law was to stop the Armenian killings and destruction and put an end to the civil war.


The number of losses claimed by Armenians today is far beyond the number of Armenians that actually lived within the Ottoman territories according to the 1914 census. Historical documents located in the X archives verify this.

Due to the Armenian Terrorism led by ASALA and JCAG (Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide), 42 Turkish diplomatists and 4 foreigners died and 15 Turkish people and 66 foreigners were injured in a total of 110 terrorist incidents.

The Armenian Terrorism began with the Hunchak and Dashnaksutyun organizations arming people due to schedule which caused millions of death in the last period of Ottoman Empire lasted up to present.

Watch our video to learn how Armenian Revolts caused death and sorrow to innocent lives.