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Dutch rightwing leader demands removal of Quran from Parliament

The general debate in the Dutch House of Representatives started with a discussion about the Qoran. Leader of the far rightwing PVV [Freedom Party], Geert Wilders, said the terrorist Islamic State [ISIS] uses the Quran as its constitution and considers that IS fighters use the holy book to justify beheading people every day. He therefore made ​​the proposal to remove the Quran from the table of the President in Parliament.


Chamber President Van Miltenburg reacted by saying this has already been discussed before, and that the book will remain where it stands. Wilders demanded a roll call vote thereon. It turned out that he was not supported by other groups. They said they are done with the reasoning of Wilders and the fact he generalises about all muslims. SP [Socialist Party] leader Roemer stressed that one million Dutch take their inspiration from the Quran.

It is not the first time that the ideological shepherd of Neo-Nazi movements in The Netherlands and leader of the fascist party PVV, does a proposition like this. In earlier politics he suggested to collect taxes from muslim women for wearing headscarves, comparing it to dogtaxes.

Despite the racist policies that the party wants to implement for years, the popularity of the PVV is growing among the Dutch electorate. The party now has 15 seats in parliament, out of a total of 150 seats. According to the latest polls Wilders can count on 27 seats out of 150, and would thus be the largest party in the Netherlands.

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