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Dutch journalist questioned by terrorist group PKK’s Syrian branch after tweeting about US Special Forces in YPG uniform

Dutch journalist Hans Jaap Melissen was questioned by a media representative of terrorist group PKK’s Syrian branch after his tweets regarding US special forces dressed up as YPG-terrorists in Raqqa. Melissen was pressured to delete the footage by American soldiers dressed up in YPG gear.

Last week US special forces pressured Dutch journalist Hans Jaap Melissen to delete his footage on which he recorded US soldiers in outfits of terrorist organization PKK’s Syrian branch YPG. The day after he also deleted tweets about the incident.

“American Special Forces have made me delete a recording, because they were on it, dressed up as YPG-fighters (Syrian PKK),” Melissen wrote on Twitter thursday. Shortly thereafter Melissen also deleted his tweets regarding the incident. What followd was a silence of two days.

Speculation arising about Melissen’s safety being in jeopardy was eliminated by an in-depth article in Villamedia on monday about his collision with PKK’s Syrian branch and US special forces.

Melissen explained he drove past Raqqa’s Black Stadium filming, when he was pulled over by US soldiers in terrorist group YPG uniforms yelling ‘Don’t film, stop filming’. Melissen was shortly pulled over by armed US soldiers who demanded that the footage would be deleted. Later that evening Melissen was in the stadium where a large ceremony would take place, when a woman from a ‘media team’ spotted Melissen and asked if he was the person responsible for the tweet. She said the journalist must return to Kobane because he called them terrorists. After explaining terrorists weren’t his words, he could participate in the ceremony as a journalist. Melissen said he had deleted his tweets, because he wanted to replace it with an explanatory story, to clarify what had happened. Partly because he didn’t want to jeopardise the safety of people he worked with on the ground after he would leave Raqqa, which has changed hands from terrorist group DAESH to terrorist group PKK.

Despite objections from Turkey against American cooperation with the terrorist organization PKK, US has sent over 3.000 truckloads of heavy weaponry to PKK’s Syrian wing YPG. Without a clear plan for disarmament some of the weapons end up being used in Turkey by the PKK, which is responsible for over 40.000 deaths since the terrorist group emerged.

PKK uses human trafficking and drug trafficking in Europe to finance its activities and rules with an iron fist over the Kurdish diaspora in the west, where extorting contributions under threat are common. Western journalists are known to have a blind spot for terrorist group PKK and its Syrian branch, partly because the PKK-YPG is being used by the Americans as expendable infantry to achieve geopolitical goals for the US.