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How the Dutch beat a fascist eventpage on Facebook

A Dutch fascist organised an event on the social media network Facebook to wave goodbye to Islam. Once the event gained traction, more and more Dutch responded to the event denouncing it.

The event is organised by a user with the name Sonya Bethare and aims at “Waving goodbye to Islam and its associates“. The description of the event reads: “Islam is an intolerant ideology that does not belong -in any case- in the West, which it tries to undermine in all ways possible, through violence or changes in the host country and the continued displacement of Western values. We say no to this hate culture and wave islam and associaties goodbye with pleasure on March 15th, 2017. Are you in?“.


The date the planned event is taking place at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is on the same date as the parliamentary elections in The Netherlands. The extremist rightwing movement PVV (Freedom Party), founded by the radical anti-islam politician Geert Wilders, is currently the biggest in the Dutch polls. In an interview with the Danish public tv RNW he pleaded to deport millions of muslims from Europe if necessary. His followers seem to have adopted that rhetoric, organising events like this.

The eventpage is filled with articles and posts from rightwing and other radical English languaged websites such as Breitbart, Britain First, TheReligionOfPeace, but also Dutch newsmedia websites such as Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, as well as lesser known rightwing oriented websites Fubar, Fenixx, TPO, DDS and EJBRON. The orgy of hatred took a turn for the good, after columnist Umar Mirza, himself being a Dutch muslim, posted on the page asking about details on how to best organise the event.

Mirza wrote:
“Hello friends! Good idea. I’m happy to join. How are we going to handle this? Where do we meet? Who makes the banners? I have some good slogans: ‘I have a neighbour from Morocco and she’s going’ or ‘Islam not here, islam where? Islam there!’. Super idea! Let’s do this!”.

A Dutchman responds to his remarks: “What a nice initiative. If we put some baklava, Moroccan cookies and Moroccan tea on the tables, we can make it a cozy day! Maybe we can do it on Schiphol, when everybody is leaving for Hadj (Pilgrimage to Mecca). We can wave them all goodbye”.

A poll on the page asking how to send off islam from the country has taken a turn for the worse for the organisers. Most people suggested welcoming more and more muslims, with a kissing smiley behind it. Other popular answers on the poll are “Learn more about islam”, “Hugging all of them”, “Wishing them a blessed Eid” and “Putting the owner of this page on an uninhabited island”.

Another person, Najlae, suggest carpooling being more efficient and offers a ride in her car, since she has three free seats. Dua is more concerned with the destination and seems to criticize the lack of information on the event asking “Where do we go? Are you paying for my ticket? How much luggage can i take? Is there a transfer somewhere? Is there halal food on board?”.

Chiel writes: “If i’m reading the comments on this page, it’s going to be a cozy event, i’d like to come too”. David: “I find the comments here wonderful. Let us make sure that there will never be a fascist reign in this country! Not then, not now, not ever fascism! Love>Hate!”.

Some even set up their own crowdfunding campaign to help them get to Morocco. Bram is considering converting to islam: “Oh wauw how nice! I am going to convert to islam. Can’t wait to see you all, especially for me! Maybe some friends want to join in with me! See ya”. Nadia de V. suggests helping out others instead of complaining all the time: “Rather go to to the retirement homes and take them out for an hour. That’s where most of you complain about, but you won’t help out voluntarely”.

Alex, a Dutch man with Chinese roots, denounces the positive discrimination that muslims get and writes: “Hightly inappropriate. The muslims are being privileged here, positive discrimination is also discrimination. Equal monks, equal caps [Dutch proverb]. I want a waving goodbye day for Chinese too, is there a frustrated person willing to organise this? With pleasure, preferably to Bali. I have not been there yet. Oh, on a friday suits me best”.

Facebookpage WhoCares responds with: “Nice idea! We are in too! We will pick up christianity. Judaism is coming by train. Don’t tell on islam, since it has to be a surprise.” Christian dutchman Mats says he rathers has muslims in his country than nationalists: “I sincerely prefer friendly Muslims in my country with their heart in the right place, than a bunch of shortsighted nationalists with the IQ of a hamster”. Cora wants to tag along too: “May i come along as a cheesehead? I can use a holiday with some sun and good food. I’d rather go with all those cozy people than stay behind here with you.”

Even the poll on the event page on Facebook took a turn for the worse for the organisation. The leading PVV party was crushed in less then an hour, giving its position to the newly founded multicultural party DENK, which aims to compete for voters in the next parliamentary elections in The Netherlands.

Acts of Islamophobia against muslims in The Netherlands are becoming more violent, giving birth to a grim outlook for the future of Dutch muslims. With the height of the acts being a terrorist attack on a mosque in the eastern Dutch city of Enschede in February 2016, by rightwing extremist terrorists throwing molotov cocktails at the mosque while at the same moment children where playing inside the mosques’ compound. Luckily none of them got hurt. The suspected terrorists were apprehended with the help of vigilant civilians in the neighbourhood and a determined police force, taking the case serious.

Meldpunt Islamofobie, the hotline for reporting Islamophobia, a private non-profit initiative, registered 158 acts of Islamophobia in the Netherlands between January and December 2015.

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