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Christian party CDA: muslim parents demand alcohol-free schools. Fail: it was CDA who demanded it in 2012

Christian party leader Sybrand van Haersma Buma accused muslim parents in the Netherlands on monday to demand alcohol-free schools for their children in the news show Nieuwsuur. It was, however, his CDA who pleaded in 2012 for alcoholfree schools.

Buma was asked about an earlier statement he made in a newspaper about migrants. He said “Migrants initially have nothing with this country“. “I then asked myself, less islam, is that desirable?,” asks former Washington correspondent for the Dutch state tv NOS, Twan Huys, to Buma. Buma responds “It’s not about religion, explicitly not, because everyone is free in the choice of religion. But when a migrant comes here, he comes from a totally different world and culture. We just spoke about traditions and we have our own Dutch traditions. What is more important than that people who just came to our country know what our values and traditions are, in which country you come. And i believe we may ask this from the people, more than we already do,” Buma says. Asked about if islam is more difficult or less compatible with this country Buma says “Yes absolutely, it became more difficult. People have a lot of questions about this. I still say everyone is free to choose the religion they want.”


Buma then focusses on what he thinks is a problem in Dutch society, according to the CDA-leader coming from the orthodox muslims. Buma says that muslim parents say: “We don’t want alcohol to be served to our kids on schools“, and refers to it as a problem. “This is not about religion, but something that has an effect on how we get along in the society,” he says.

How strange it may sound that someone would object to serving alcohol to underage kids on party nights at school, one might argue the will of a minority cannot be imposed on a majority, if the subject of question is not restricting the fundamental rights of this minority. It was, however, the christian party CDA who pleaded in an action plan called “Plan of Attack: Alcohol & Youth (PDF)” (2012) for alcohol-free schoolparties.

The CDA pleaded in 2012 to ban alcohol from schoolparties, pointing to the role of schools when it comes to educating the youth about the dangers of alcohol. Serving alcohol at school parties and workweeks was a bad signal, said the party. In the report CDA points to a percentage of 56% alcohol-free schools in 2011 and calls for schools to switch to 100% alcohol-free schools.

Historic Elections

The Netherlands is up for an historic election on march 15th, while parties are in the race of competing for the trophy of most islamophobic party. From left to right there has been a political landslide, leaving a huge gap on the left. Parties which were known for their tolerance, seem to have switched to populist rethorics to prevent the racist extremist rightwing party PVV from growing to be the biggest. Not knowing, the society yearns for the language of unity, solidarity, togetherness and last but not least, honesty, a word CDA-leader Buma might want to look up in the dictionary, together with the commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.