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Amsterdam and The Hague scene of terrorist PKK symbols, police does nothing

Archief: Bijeenkomsten met symbolen van de terreurgroep PKK in diverse Nederlandse steden.

During gatherings at the Dam in Amsterdam and in the Transvaal neighborhood in The Hague symbols of the terrorist group PKK were seen, as police did nothing against it.

During the events, which are supposed to be for ushering in the Nevruz New Year, symbols of the terrorist group were prominently present, next to portraits of the terrorist leader Abdullah Ocalan and the flag of the PKK’s Syrian wing, YPG. In Amsterdam even children were seen carrying a cloth on a stick with the symbol of PKK on it.


Bystanders in The Hague, who say there was a large police presence and who asked the police why nothing was done about these terrorist flags, were told this was freedom of expression. According to one police officer, complaints about their passive stance against terrorist symbols, could be made to the mayor of The Hague.

Dutch police and public prosecutors generally interfere immediately when there are symbols of Hamas or DAESH at demonstrations. To conferences where there are Arabic speaking guests the public prosecutor even dispatches employees and sworn interpreters. Symbols of the PKK however, which is responsible for over 40.000 deaths during the last decades, seem to be condoned by Dutch authorities, even though the Netherlands recognizes the PKK as a terrorist organization.