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Terrorist group PKK just murdered another teacher in Turkey


Terrorist group PKK, which is designated as a terrorist movement by the US, EU, Australia, Canada and Turkey, just announced they have killed another teacher in Turkey.

Teacher Necmettin Yilmaz was kidnapped five days ago by PKK-terrorists in Sanliurfa, where Necmettin was working as a primary school teacher. His vehicle was stopped and he was taken out. His car was found riddled with bullets.

Terrorist group PKK announced on wednesday that they have “punished” i.e. murdered the teacher. It’s the second teacher this month who is murdered by PKK in Turkey. 22 year old music teacher Aybuke Yalcin was murdered on the ninth of june after heading home from her new job at a primary school in Batman, in South-Eastern Turkey.

PKK is responsible for over 40.000 deaths since the terrorist group emerged, and is financing part of its activities with drug trade and human trafficking in Europe. Necmettin Yilmaz is the 177th teacher the terrorist group has murdered so far. Children whose teacher was kidnapped, pleaded for his release, but it was in vane.