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Islamophobia Mapped: Arson attacks on mosques in the Netherlands


Islamophobia is on the rise in the West in general and more specifically in the Netherlands. After 911, we have seen a sharp increase in attacks on Muslims and Islamic schools and mosques. After the murder of Theo van Gogh in 2004, an explosion of violence was registered directed at muslims.

While the Muslim community in the Netherlands sounds the alarm because of the rise of islamophobia, politicians from both left parties (PvdA-labour, SP-socialist, GroenLinks-GreenLeft), right parties (PVV-Wilders, VVD-Rutte) and media team up to further dehumanize muslims. A worrying development which could have dangerous implications in the future.

We have mapped arson attacks on mosques and Islamic schools since the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11 to get a better image of what is going on (Map below).

23-09-2001 – Arson Gorinchem mosque
21-05-2003 – Arson Vianen mosque
17-06-2003 – Arson islamic school

05-04-2004 – Arson Panningen mosque
02-11-2004 – 13-03-2005 – 135 mosques and 29 islamic schools target of threats, graffiti, vandalism and arson
08-11-2004 – Exploding bomb islamic schoolEindhoven
26-03-2005 – Arson islamic school Uden
26-03-2005 – Arson Oldenzaal mosque
15-06-2005 – Arson Rotterdam mosque
10-06-2006 – Arson Vlaardingen mosque
15-12-2006 – Arson Maastricht mosque
24-03-2007 – Arson Huizen mosque
20-10-2007 – Arson Leeuwarden mosque
21-07-2007 – Attack with Molotovcocktails Rotterdam mosque
Wintermonths 2007/08 – Graffiti, broken windows and fire bombs Zeist mosque
19-03-2008 – Attack with molotovcocktail Huizen mosque
08-05-2009 – Attack on Zoetermeer mosque with firebomb
15-11-2009 – Attack with Molotovcocktail Zoetermeer mosque
04-01-2010 – Arson Arnhem mosque
03-8-2010 –  Attempted arson Arnhem
27-09-2010 –  Arson Groningen mosque
05-06-2011 – Arson Enkhuizen mosque
07-04-2012 – Arson Nieuwerkerk mosque
20-07-2012 – Arson of location in Enkhuizen reserved for a mosque to be established
06-04-2013 – Arson Enkhuizen mosque
18-08-2013 – Arson Deventer mosque (unclear if accident or not)
30-08-2013 – Attack with molotovbomb on Mevlana mosque Assen
09-06-2014 – Arson Anadolu mosque in Rotterdam
23-06-2014 – Attempted attackon mosque IJmuiden
27-10-2014 – Attempted arson of mosque in Etten-Leur
14-12-2014 – Attack with firebomb on Enschede mosque
14-11-2015 – Arson of Roosendaal mosque
27-02-2016 – Attack with molotovcocktails at Enschede mosque where dozens of children were present
28-12-2016 – Unconfirmed* Raging fire engulfs building of former swimming pool, bought by Islamic community to be turned into a mosque in Culemborg (*cause/motive still unknown)

This article is composed with data collected by FrontaalNaakt.nl, RepubliekAllochtonie.nl, ReligionResearch.org and DutchTurks.nl.

© DutchTurks.nl (Click to enlarge)
© DutchTurks.nl (Click to enlarge)

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